Today’s parts haul:

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Replacement left side wide angle mirror, shafts for sheared-off Rennline tow hooks, bushings to rebuild my H-sport control arms, and top cover from

Organized a bunch of stuff I’ve taken off, and cleaned up the garage a bit so I can hopefully not lose stuff. The junk pile is growing…
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This may be the most broken MINI wheel I’ve ever seen…
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Pulled the front calipers off the shell so it will roll easier and quieter. Spent a couple of hours trying to separate the outer ball joint from the folded left wishbone on the shell, to be able to install a new wishbone so the shell will roll. The lower nut is seized, and I can’t get it to drop out of the knuckle. It’s the most stuck ball joint I’ve ever seen. Been wailing on it with BFH and chisels trying to break it loose, after soaking in PB Blaster for days. Did manage to open a bit of a gap on the wings of the flange. Added more PB Blaster and will try again tomorrow. Haven’t applied fire or cutting implements yet, but that may be next.

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