Modified my old cargo platform (that was setup for my hidden MiniDoMore hitch) to work with the MiniFini hitch. Just had to cut down the shaft and re-drill it. Perfect now!

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Ready to haul more gear to MOTD.

Finished modifying and installing the rear interior panels. Not going for show-car pretty this time, just want something to protect the speakers and look better than bare sheet metal if someone sneaks a peek back there. The back will always be covered by the tonneau, anyway.

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Found another one of my missing tow hooks, and dipped it to match the front one. Since one of my Rennlines was damaged beyond repair, and I can’t find my other one…

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I realized today, I’m the Imelda Marcos of car shoes. I currently have 19 tires for the GPR in my garage…

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  • Four Star Specs on the car
  • Four NT01s on the track wheels
  • Four new NT01s for when I need them
  • Four Michelin all seasons on the GP 18″ wheels
  • Two almost-new Star Specs from the wrecked car
  • A donut spare

And I have a new project… extreme makeover of my workshop / garage.

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I built this about 10 years ago as a sculpture studio. It’s been a few years since I’ve used it for that. It’s my general purpose workshop now, and I could just barely squeeze the MINI in there to park before the manual conversion and all the extra parts and tools started taking over.

I think I have a plan to retain enough workbench and tool space, and get the lift in there setup for the MINI, with more parking space. So I can just roll in and put it on the lift any time, and free the other garage for the two primary cars, which will make the wife happier. Will be nice to have the lift setup all the time. I can move it back into the other garage easily enough if I need to work on one of the larger cars.

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